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Our Journey

From 2005 when Suan Sampran, a family-run eco-cultural property in Nakhon Pathom west of Bangkok, has started an organic farm to produce ingredients for own use to 2011 when Suan Sampran began supporting local farmers to do organic farming and buying fresh produce directly from them, the business-community partnership has flourished to a win-win collaboration. Here, farmers gain direct benefits from better health, environment, community, and income whilst Suan Sampran has benefited from creative marketing, production differentiation and many new business opportunities including a wide range of products and services from Patom Organic Living. Interests on the partnership model grew and Suan Sampran later became the first business organization to have received funding from the Thailand Research Fund to further its mission resulting in the opening of Sookjai farmers’ market, developing of Sampran Model movement, and establishing of Sookjai foundation.


The movement is expanded to several initiatives including the formation of Sookjai Organics Social Enterprise and projects in partnership with various sectors such as the Farm to Functions project with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and the Organic Tourism with Sustainable Food Lab Thailand and Tourism Authority of Thailand sponsored by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. In 2019 the Thai Organic Platform has been initiated with support of the National Innovation Agency (NIA) and the Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) and the Thai Organic Consumer Federation was recently founded with collaborations of different stakeholders such as businesses, consumers, academics, medias, and NGOs who share the common goal of promoting active consumers.